Artist Statement

I design jewelry that is understated,elegant, and wearable.  Preferring to make each piece by hand, and one of a kind.  I strive to create pieces that can move from casual to formal and maintain their timelessness.  My theme is clean and simple and I continue to be inspired by shape,color and texture.  My studio is filled with many different projects going on at once.  It is not unusual for me to move from one piece to another changing and contemplating the components sometimes over and over until it feels right.  I always let it sit for a few days to make sure.  My work can be tedious with making sheets of mixed metal, so moving from one piece to another can be refreshing for me.
My designs are one a kind, and are made with high quality colored stones and conflict free gems.  I work with 14 kt gold, sterling silver, 14 kt gold-filled, brass and copper, precious stones and my own dichroic glass.  I use recycled pieces I find in antique stores by deconstructing them and making them anew in my own settings, such as old antique cameos,buttons,silver flatware and glass.  I want to be an environmentally conscious jeweler,using some recycled materials, and using companies which guarantees their commitment to environmentally responsibility.
My pieces are made by hand, not cast so I feel like the feel of each piece has its own character.  I love ancient jewelry, particularly the irregular combinations and designs.  I want my own designs to have that same feel. 
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