About Me

I have been creating fine jewelry for 30 years. I started many years ago taking many classes from well know jewelers who in their own right were very talented artists.
I found my passion and my career path when I took that first jewelry design class.  Inspired by color and the simplicity of primary shapes, I found an outlet for my creativity working with fine metals, mixed metal laminated sheets I make in the studio, and high quality stones and dichroic glass that is designed and made in my studio.  Color seems to be the one thing that inspires me the most.  I love usual combinations that mixed metal sheets give me.  Often I focus on one color theme and take off from there with many combinations.  I love the mixture of sterling silver, and gold.
I have studied jewelry design wth many talented teachers over my career. I have have learned to perfect my skill level each year with each class I took.  I have a background in art and had painted porcelain jewelry when I first started I then evolved into the artist that I have become today. I became interested in jewelry because my mother in law was a jeweler and she took me under her wing and taught me my first skills as a china painter the rest is history. My hope is that with each piece you purchase you have a piece of wearable art you can treasure for many years to come.


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